hmm, Nordic Perl Workshop...

It came to my attention via brian d foy's blog post that the next Nordic Perl Workshop will take place in Iceland - which sounds very interesting. At the same time I decided that I need to take a longish break after working very hard for the last two years. So I will combine my holiday with NPW!

My current plan is bike from Vienna via Prague to Berlin, spend a few days there to visit some friends, take a plane to Rekjavik, attend NPW, and then either cycle a bit more through Iceland or treck a bit (probably combined with public transport). Then take the plane back to Berlin and a train back to Vienna.

The plan still has some issues:

  • Is it totally insane to cycle through Iceland in May (if any Icelandic person could comment on this, I'd appreciate that..).
  • Maybe cycling from Vienna to Berlin takes to long or is boring. Then I could take the train to Berlin, and cycle from there to Copenhagen, fly to Iceland, and go back to Berlin.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this!

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