short CPANTS update

After some kind member(s) of brought the server back to life, and some anonymous coward sent me an email via an anon remail asking for fresh data, I got my lazy ass off my chair .. wait, no, actually I stayed seated in my office chair .. so I got my lazy mind off other things and started a complete CPANTS reindex yesterday morning. It took all day, but since of yesterday evening there should be new and up-to-date data available on

Of course the code that's generating the data is rather out of date, especially with regard to stuff like Moose, Devel::Declare and even newer Perls (i.e. > 5.10). The code is on github...

I don't expect to spend any time on fixing / improving the code in the next few months. And the best thing to do would be to rewrite/refactor the whole beast to make use of the metabase and to also store the generated data into the metabase.


Great to see cpants back online. Thanks for your effort :-)

The one thing that confuses me endlessly -- why does the CPANTS grapher think that the year 2010 is both before and after the year 2008?

cpants is down again :(

What exactly does "terminal bitrot" mean and how can we help bring it back?

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