Smolder setup?

I recently tried to set up an instance of Smolder, but failed. While installing the module and it's dependencies was rather easy (thanks to perlbrew, local::lib and cpanm), I couldn't figure out how to actually initialize the system.

Starting the server works fine (at least after I realized that the default hostname of "localhost.localdomain" doesn't work on my machine and I had to use "--host localhost"). Even the startpage loads perfect, but all following pages are broken, and I can't find any way to set up my users, projects, etc. And while there are some sql files lying around, there is no way to actually stuff them into a (which?) database.

The last time I installed Smolder, it came as some sort of pre-built package, which was rather horrible to install (but worked afterwards..)

So, does anybody know how to set up this beast? I couldn't find any up-to-date info, but I hereby volunteer to write a document explaining how to install and set up Smolder, if somebody points me to the right scripts/docs/whatever.


Sorry about this, since it's my fault it doesn't have enough documentation.

Once you get it installed, you shouldn't have to do anything to initialize it. The templates, CSS and JS files are installed into a distribution shared directory (should be lib/auto/share/dist/Smolder). And the first time you start up smolder it should create the database it needs in the same shared directory tree (lib/auto/share/dist/Smolder/smolder.sqlite) and then you should be good to go.

You can also create a smolder.conf file which you can pass to smolder with the -c or the SMOLDER_CONF environment variable. The options for that file are documented in Smolder::Conf (

There's some minimal manual stuff in Smolder::Manual ( to help you get started with sending your test reports to the smolder server. Also, there should be a link in your smolder server for an admin tutorial which will contain the default password.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Using perl v5.16.0 (installed via perlbrew) I managed to install smolder via cpanm. (debian wheezy)

However starting the smolder server did not work until I added host and port options

smolder --host localhost --port 8080

smolder sure isn't to chatty. :)


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