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Magic: too powerful?

I'm currently at the stage of reading the Python docs and considering what I'll have to keep track of as regards C type objects, and how to do so. The Python ctypes code is delightfully well documented, particularly this nugget. The Ruby and JS projects unfortunately seem to be entirely lacking in any documentation of their internal functioning, but I think I've got enough to work on.

While reading rurban's Illustrated Perlguts…

ffi_call( 'Wolf!' )

I was pretty excited today because I thought I had my interface for ffi_call working on Linux, and told Twitter and the #soc-help channel all about it. It did seem to be working, until I changed a slight detail in my test script and it became apparent that either there was bewitchery afoot, or I need to read perlxs / perlguts more and it was random change that it hadn't blown up in the first place. I think I'm nearly there though. Next step will be fleshing out the OO functionality in Perl for a bit before diving back into the C for callbacks.

I'm having trouble getting gdb to play ba…

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