Join me online for 3 hours of Perl 6 training courtesy O'Reilly

Top Ten Things You Need To Know about Perl 6
[The description says 2 hours, but we agreed to 3 over email, I'll get it straightened out. They also got the title from my upcoming OSCON London talk instead the intro, but we'll straighten it out.]

As the title says, I'm working with O'Reilly to deliver a 3-hour training seminar on the basics of Perl 6 in mid-October. This is going to be more targeted to those learning Perl 6 ab initio, rather than seasoned Perl 5 programmers. I do intend to throw a few notes in for current Perl hackers, especially ideas on how to migrate your existing Perl 5 code to Perl 6 in a reasonably painless fashion.

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