P****, the P*** I**, apparently has a blog. Unfortunately, it has a "please socially network me" crapstain (1) on every post, and requires Javascript and cookies to post. Color me not surprised.



What is the P****? I'm confused.

It's the P*rl I*E. :)

I think educated_foo meant Padre, the Perl IDE but for some reason is very angry with it/us.

But why this blog entry at all? This feels almost like Python programmers looking for opportunities to bash Perl.

I don't see that image on the Padre site at all? Or maybe I just didn't go to the right place. Stupid rant. Really it is.

I have to this this is part of a sort of 'culture clash' here in our community. Since I don't know the author I don't know his or her background, but I do know that the Padre group is probably on the leading edge of a social experiment to see if Perl can expand beyond its current group. I know that change bring a lack of comfort and sometimes fear and violence.

I really hope that author could step forward and blog rationally on the pain points here. For example, I could see a rational argument regarding needing Javascript enabled on a website. For a lot of Perl people, many of us hard core Unix people, a lot of things that are mainstream feel distasteful. So we need to work together as our tent gets bigger (hopefully.)

For myself, I have decided to dedicate my career to Perl application development, which means I have chosen to bet my family on Perl, and on my ability to find and keep work, etc. So for me I take Perl advocacy and growing the community very seriously. I would call upon the author to step up and try to engage us as we experience these 'growing pains'.

I think he is commenting on the page.

Some of the posts have that "social networking" blizzard.

I surf with NoScript and don't have javascript on. The couple blog posts I tried to comment on seemed to send me to the blog of the poster. Maybe I just didn't choose one that is actually hosted on the site.

E*foo must just be a bit tense today and trying to comment on the Padre blog pushed him over the edge. ;-)

Then again to comment here I have to have javascript turned on and login.


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