More thought, less dogma please

I recently came across a link to an old article by MJD. The sections "On Forking", "New Versions", "NP Complete Problems", and "Why I Hate strict" are particularly worth reading. His basic point in each section is that you should think about the problem you're trying to solve when you write code, and stay mindful of why you are doing certain things. I wish there were more smart, thoughtful people like MJD in the Perl community nowadays, and fewer dogmatists.


I'm only part of the way through, but I already like it! Cool find!

"Perl" and "dogma" in one sentence sounds a little counter-intuitive to me. :-)

> see the new, dogmatized "perlootut"

Sorry, I don't see it. The perlootut doc primarily explains OO concepts and how they work in Perl. After spending a good deal of time on that topic, there is a section about specific OO systems. Granted, Moose get the longest explanation. But there is also discussion on Class::Accessor, Object::Tiny, and Role::Tiny. I simply don't see the dogmatic tone you're alluding to.

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