LOLchromatic wonders how to stalk you

No, really. This clown apparently thinks he can make money by stalking you online. The problem, as even he recognizes, is that you're able to prevent creeps like LOLchromatic from stalking you. The solution is that most people don't know that LOLchromatic and his ilk exist.


Are you just trolling or are you confused?
I am happy to help with the latter.

Analyzing data of people who visit your your site is far from stalking. chromatic quite clearly says (my emphasis)

...correlate the X-axis with individual changes to your business or product

Assume I don't want to collect personally identifiable information (I don't)

and finally
How can I identify unique users (with and without accounts) on a daily basis, anonymize them, but group their actions across the site such that my automated daily cohort graphs correspond with reality?

This is not selling personalized data nor is it stalking. This is clearly a request on how to aggregate data by only identifying the user as a unique repeat visitor or a member of an aggregate group, not as a single identifiable person. What you are basically saying is I would not be allowed to aggregate sales receipts from my Point of Sale in the brick and mortar world.

I think your argument is an equivocation.

Make it much simpler, Christian. The request from chromatic is about analysis of patterns of behaviour among people who come to his site(s) and only at his site(s). That educated_foo calls this “stalking” calls to mind the famous quote from Princess Bride. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

I worry more about his use of the word "educated"--now there's something which could mislead other people!

I just saw this and I see better people have left better responses than what I would write.

So I'm just going to say this was wholly disrespectful and beyond that, simply incorrect. Not the type of behavior I would expect from people, nor the type of behavior I hope you would expect others to behave toward you.

I think an apology is in order (or a post delete) though, since I wouldn't presume on original innocent intent, I wouldn't presume on a correctional behavior occurring.

Not nice!

I am not interested in reading such a post nor do I think it adds to the community in a positive way.
Thank you for deleting it.

I found the referred post and its comments to be informative and instructive.

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