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I subscribe to both and, so whenever "JT Smith" posts something, I receive 2-3 copies, when I would rather receive 0. Today, I finally took a few minutes to fix this with one of the few useful things Yahoo has ever created: Pipes. Enjoy Perl news with less spam (RSS).


Yes! The JT Smith posts annoy me to no end, and most of all because of the broken default title because he didn't enter one: "I'm happy to announce that...".

They're far less annoying (though I still wouldn't call them interesting) on the official YAPC::NA blog.

The "problem" is it now gives me lots of posts in what I presume to be Japanese, which are just as bad.

Thanks, educated_foo. Subscribing...

The Perl Iron Man feed does contain quite a bit of non-English posts, but I think a significant portion of posts is still in English.

I'd also block szabgab, or spammy gabby as I like to call him. Another source to include is and and with Yahoo Pipes, you might want to use the unique operator to prevent duplicate headlines from the different sources. There's also a string translator filer, which could solve the foreign language issue.

I just noticed that your feed inludes posts that are 5 years old. For example: "XML::Tiny released", which links to a post from 26 Jan 2007

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