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What goes well with DBIx::Class - the review.

In my case, it went very well with Fideos de Sepia and a nice glass of Fina Enguera.

This is not really a review of Dave's Perl School. His style is competent, informative, sometimes entertaining and pitched right at my level of Perl. Unlike the Moose school I went to in December, this lecture could have gone on for another hour discussing the finer points, but people have lives and we finished at 5pm.

This is more a bit of navel-gazing about what DBIx::Class might mean to me.

But what goes well with DBIx::Class?

Looking forward to Dave's PerlSchool on Saturday. I was satisfied with the format of his Moose school and found myself going back through the notes for how to set a default hashref for an attribute. Got me thinking of how I could really use a cheat sheet. There's a lot of documentation for Moose, certainly enough to get you started, but it saves time if somebody sits down and organizes the information into a flowing story with just enough examples to suggest some use cases. At the other extreme,…

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