But what goes well with DBIx::Class?

Looking forward to Dave's PerlSchool on Saturday. I was satisfied with the format of his Moose school and found myself going back through the notes for how to set a default hashref for an attribute. Got me thinking of how I could really use a cheat sheet. There's a lot of documentation for Moose, certainly enough to get you started, but it saves time if somebody sits down and organizes the information into a flowing story with just enough examples to suggest some use cases. At the other extreme, when I wanted a quick answer to a simple question, sifting through 15 perldoc pages or 165 slides was less satisfying. I've got an idea for an A4 cheatsheet with every possible option which I've started in a GoogleDoc. When it's half-decent, I'll post for comment.

Last time, I intentionally had 2 or 3 hours to kill after the course and wandered the area around Old Street looking for an interesting place to eat. I ended up at El Paso on Old Street near Curtain Road and had a very nice chimichanga and mojito. On my way back, I found that I'd missed the mouth-watering Street Food Festival. Had I but known!!

This time I think I'll try the tapas bar across the road at La Tramontana. Anyone care to join me?

¡Hasta la próxima!

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