Is there in truth no Perl?

While working on my Tel talk about DBIx::Class talk (more to follow on that), I met an acquaintance of mine from a deceased start-up I worked on a few years back. We chatted a bit, he said he's still writing in C/C++ (mainly GUI stuff), and when I mentioned I work with Perl nowadays, he said "Oh, I love Perl, I wish there were other languages like it". I, as usual, remarked that there are the Pythons, and even PHPs of the world, and he surprised me by saying "no, I mean really like Perl".

What he, and now I, mean, is not Perl as a "dynamic l…

Rewriting the language

Not Perl, mind you, I'm not in that area (yet?). But some key terms I keep hear buzzing around, and, in the tradition of starting the Christmas season in late July, I'll begin my Festivus preparation with some minor Airing of Grievances.

It was bound to happen - Perl numbrenclature

Here's what happened.

Why don't they contribute to open source projects

Recently, on the list Gabor Szabo wrote:

In a recent poll conducted by Elizabeth Naramore people were asked why they don't contribute to open source projects?

He also linked, at the bottom, to Shlomi Fish's article about How to start contributing to or using Open Source Software.

Both ar…

Creating a task manager, stage the first, or: the itcy and scratchy show

So I decided to write a task manager.
I have recently tried to streamline my daily assignments in a task list, so I'll have track of stuff I do, or need to do. However, the way I work, I often find that a simple list does not suffice.

I would like a second level todo list that will collect several tasks that need to be accomplished before I can mark an item completed. Most of these are common for each job, but some are not. For instance, I want to tick off "merge from master before pushing" for every task, but "write POD" might not apply for pure-GUI (Template::Toolkit, …