I heed the call

I will use this space to blog about Perl, which might not sound peculiar, but wait!

Unlike most here, I don't make my living by programming in Perl, but rather by working on several unconnected Microsoft frameworks that have a .NET in their brand name. I do use Perl for my pet projects and tools I work on my space time. In this sense I'm a hobbyist Perl programmer.

I think this gives me a unique look on the world of Perl, one of an outsider looking inside. Now, this is quite an oversimplification of the matter, as I should make clear. I frequent the different Perl online presences, such as PerlMonks, use.Perl, blogs.perl.org and planetperl. But I do all that as an enthusiast rather than as a professional.


Welcome. It's nice to know that you're primarily programming in a different language because that can give perspective that "Perl only" folks lack.

Glad to get a new perspective on things!

(barukh ha'ba)

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