"Slides" for my Haifa.pm talk

Here are the slides I've use while delivering my Fishing for Perl: The Perl New User Experience talk. These are not really slides, in any sense, the Powerpoint one or else, but actually a .pdf file that I generated out of this LaTeX source.

My main work method in creating this talk was two-fold. One, I jotted down ideas I had on the most immediate means, paper or electric (I found Google Wave to be an excellent tool for this, the only actual use I found for it). Two, I edited those ideas to a LaTeX document until they actually formed what seemed (at the time) a sensible narration. I also tend to follow the idea that if you can understand the talk by just reading the slides then the talk has no value. This actually means you may not understand much of what I'm talking about by just reading the slides.
That's OK, because I intend to use that as a base for several posts here.

First thing I want to mention, is that one of the main ideas I tried to push forward was that of context. That is, you don't address people in a meeting like you do on a "water-cooler chat" or like you do when you're giving a speech, etc. I was a bit guilty of violating that rule when I gave my talk in a manner I was more accustomed to from my job, which is "get in, get on with it, get out". Hardly suitable for a Perl Mongers meeting. And part of the reason for me wanting to expand on that subject here.


The grammar in the first few slides is off.

"Everyone think" -> "Everyone thinks"

I think you need to suggest a new form of golfing. Newbie help golf. How to make the smallest chunks of idiomaticly clean and concise code that helps the newbie and includes best practices.

Maybe we need a community advocate/referee to get the ball rolling.


the comment you replied to was spam. I’ve unapproved it now.

Next time, please look at the name of the commenter (who goes by a name of “Magnetic Power Generator”… seriously?) and more importantly, make sure to check the link they left as their homepage. In this case it was to a free-something.com site. And you can see that the body of the comment was not exactly relevant to the rest of the thread, even though it kind of appears to be written by a human.

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