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Creating a task manager, stage the first, or: the itcy and scratchy show

So I decided to write a task manager.
I have recently tried to streamline my daily assignments in a task list, so I'll have track of stuff I do, or need to do. However, the way I work, I often find that a simple list does not suffice.

I would like a second level todo list that will collect several tasks that need to be accomplished before I can mark an item completed. Most of these are common for each job, but some are not. For instance, I want to tick off "merge from master before pushing" for every task, but "write POD" might not apply for pure-GUI (Template::Toolkit, …

The October that will never be

There's a thread on the Israeli Perl mailing list regarding "What don't you like in Perl". There are the usual answers (Perl thread model is a disaster, Perl OO model does not go well with scotch etc.), but the real answer is only revealed on another thread, where a guy who made the unfortunate mistake of replying personally is getting berated for three or four paragraphs, before is also accused of "Top-posting".

Now, for the record, netiquette was invented by a bunch of nerdy snobs who really wanted something to use when explaining why others are not worthy of their time. The less pe…

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