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Boleh gak sih ngeblog di tapi gak ngebahas perl?


As long as it's in some way at least *vaguely* perl related, seems fine to me.

Namanya "", jadi ini tempat untuk orang yang ngebahas perl, atau mau ikut berita tentang perl, atau... wah, apapun, yang penting ada campuran dengan Perl lah! Kalau hanya mau blog yang gratis, lebih baik coba atau yang lain?

Saya juga takut tidak ada banyak orang membaca website ini yang mengerti bahasa Indonesia atau Malaysia - ada 4 saja daftar

This is not directly a site about Perl, it is more a site for people who do Perl. The topics can be anything, non-Perl stuff is fine. (We don’t like pure ads here and we place certain limits on job ads… But even then, if you are a known member, you have some leeways. It is all pretty informal.)

But Tom is right, if you want to post only personal stuff, and no one knows you, then the readers will mostly ignore you. So another place may be better for you.

Tom is also right that there are very few Indonesians around here, to my knowledge. Thus few people will read your posts anyway. Which is a pity if it means the language issue alone drives you away… then will be stuck in homogeneity. But so it goes…

(Sorry that I respond in English. My Indonesian is not very good. ;-))

Saya juga mau Acme::CPANAuthors::Mengerti::BehasaIndonesia

Actually Indonesian/Malay[3], Perl and English have interesting linguistic features in common, as they're all driven by the same pragmatic foundations. Except that while English has a huge sprawling vocabulary, Indonesian uses quite a lot of metaphor, along with optional suffix and prefix rules to provide expressive depth (and the suffixes and prefixes are generally optional for practitioners of Behasa pasar[1] such as myself)[2].

Terimakasih untuk postnya ini. Saya suda mau tempat untuk becara topic ini untuk banyak tauhn :)

[1] Market language
[2] There are legitimate reasons that behasa pasar is widespread, as there's an awful lot of different local dialects spoken. A bit less these days, now that compulsorary schooling works fairly well, and school is standardised on Behasa Indonesia, but cultural roots run deep.
[3] Malays laugh at me when I try to speak in behasa Malayu, because I get all my words wrong - the grammar is the same, but parts of the vocab is different. Indonesians sometimes laugh at me because I have a good accent and an appallingly small vocabulary, which means I have to exploit the metaphor tricks built into the language, a lot.

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