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Source code generation with Template Toolkit

I really was impressed by the number of options !

Now it saved me from spend tons of my time to code my Perl project and my dog Ugo is more happy since now I have more time to go out :-) .

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A node programming IDE for Perl

a program even if you have no idea about programming.

Think about genetic researchers, for example.
They need to focus on protein chains, not on what is a package.
Maybe they can do an extra effort and say the world "variable" or "string"
or even "regular expression" and that makes them proud, but they don't care about inheritance.

They want things working and they need Perl ...
but if you say Strawberry they think about yogurth, not about Windows.

There are a lo…

About fibo

user-pic I' am an italian mathematician and I'm writing a node programming IDE for Perl