a perl5 to Java compiler - first benchmark

I've written a small performance test. And it is not bad!

First perl:

$ time perl misc/Java/benchmark.pl
done 64000000

real    0m3.964s
user    0m3.963s
sys     0m0.004s

And then Perl-in-Java:

$ touch Test.class ; rm Test.class ; perl perlito5.pl -Isrc5/lib -I. -It -Cjava misc/Java/benchmark.pl > Test.java ; javac Test.java ; time java Test
done 64000000

real    0m0.840s
user    0m0.584s
sys     0m0.302s

a perl5 to Java compiler - week 3

The compiler now has a small test suite. The main additions in the last 10 days were implementing global variables, better support for references, data structures, string interpolation, and a few new subroutines in the CORE namespace and operators.

a perl5 to Java compiler - work in progress

I've been adding support for Java in Perlito5 in the last few days.

This is what it does so far:

a perl5 to perl6 translator - update

I've moved the "perlito" perl5 to perl6 compiler to a new home:

There are minor improvements in the compiler since last post, such as:

  • scalar(@a) is @a.elems

  • $a[-1] is @a[*-1]

  • fix "map" syntax

  • eval-string is EVAL

a perl5 to perl6 translator

The "perlito" perl5 to perl6 compiler is online at: http://perlcabal.org/~fglock/perlito5to6.html.

It is also available as an irc bot for snippets and as a command line script.