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Last week I went to my first Perl workshop: 13. Deutscher Perl-Workshop. It has been a great experience – great talks and even greater people.

On the train to and from Frankfurt and at the workshop itself I hacked a bit on my pet project: the Perl Analyst. The goal is to build a PPI-based tool that parses your Perl documents, it may then answer your questions about your sources. The tool and the modules it consists of may also lead to refactoring tools.

There is a running prototype on github which may reach CPAN soon. Currently you may use it to search for declaration of subroutines and lexical variables as well as the use of strings. You may search for them by exact matches or regular expressions.


It would be useful to have in Padre IDE.

Better sub declaration search in Padre would be useful. In general it would be good to have type guessing.

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