Tidying up my old CPAN code

I've just decided to spend a couple of hours tidying up my CPAN projects - surprising how little you can get done in an evening if you let things slip.. on the plus side, I've made a start and cleaned things up a bit :

  • Autodia page on my personal site now updated to point to latest version on metacpan, and files to svn trunk
  • Several bugs marked resolved, and updated, spam delete in rt.cpan.org
  • Emailed Smylers about consolidating the various GraphViz::DBI forks on cpan using some shared co-maint and github (anyone else interested give me a buzz)
  • Tidied up Graphviz::SQL and Math::Curve::Hilbert a bit and put them in github.

My Plan is to mark any bugs older than 5 years or for very old version of my cpan modules as stalled or won't fix and then get on top of what's left - all my CPAN modules are being moved into github too.

No code written this evening, but definitely useful time spent.

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