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paging Andy Orr (PAUSEID:AORR)

Has anybody heard anything from Andy Orr (PAUSEID:AORR) in the last 18 months - He has a CPAN module (PDF::Report) with bugs untouched since 2009 and no cpan uploads since then.

Mailing his cpan mail has had no response, I'm hoping somebody who is still in touch with him could provide an up to date email address where I can reach him to talk about future development of this and the PDF::Report::Table module.


Messing around with Calendars

So I've been messing around with Calendars a bit for fly-half in order to handle events and stuff like that nice nicely... in a typical ADHD Yak Shaving event I ended up writing a new CPAN module for dealing with Calendars : Calendar::Model

You can see a nice Bootstrap calendar page in the examples on github with the end result looking like this image on twitter

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