A perl devops mailing list

Anybody else interested in starting a perl devops mailing list or other group - there is a load of cool stuff out there, and few people have heard of half of it - would be nice to be able to keep up to date, discuss ideas, etc.

Good example : rexify.org - wish I'd heard of this sooner, would be even cooler to hear about people's experiences with it too


Don't ask if people are interested. Assume that at least someone will be and start the list yourself. Then say "I have started this list" and point to it.

If you wait for people to say "Yeah, OK, that sounds interesting", you've already lost momentum. Start the list and say "Come join!"

I had never rexify before this post. Thanks. I am sure a mailing-list and/or a blog-planet about perl devops could potentially interest many people.


a perl devops mailinglist would be nice. perl is still a language used much in daily sysadmin and development tasks.

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