Perl Survey and German Perl Workshop

The Perl Survey is reaching its final stages, and will be going live within the next week or so. While I had planned to host it myself, the autocomplete functions that I added into the survey weren't fast enough for the speed your typical programer types at, and I got the very kind offer from Strategic Data to host it using their existing infrastructure (and to continue to run the survey every couple of years).

German Perl Workshop are kindly sponsoring me to come and speak at their conference, where I will be giving two talks. The first will be on the preliminary results of the Perl Survey, and I hope to finish up the grant shortly after that. The second is titled Don't RTFM, WTFM! where I hope to go over some of the approaches to documentation we've used in the Catalyst project over the years, and then go through how to document a distribution with many moving parts in a way that a developer with basic skills can then use to write their own software. I'm hoping to use the example of WWW::Facebook::API, pending my ability to work out how to use it.

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