Perl Survey Week 2

First, a very very big thank you to people who have filled in the survey and spread the word. After a little less than a week, we have 2500 responses. For this kind of survey, that kind of response is incredible, and many researchers will be envious of obtaining a sample that large, that easily.

The rate of responses is about double that of the 2007 survey which stayed open for about two months to obtain 4000 completed questionnaires. In all likelihood I'll close this survey down at the end of the first week of June (after 2.5 weeks), so to get more interesting data I'd like your help.

Please can you pass on details about the survey to less committed Perl programmers that you know - we don't just want to know about the core of the community, but also more casual users. This group are clearly more difficult to reach, so it's important to spread the word. Just point them to the link and let them know that the work is sponsored by The Perl Foundation.

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