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Authenticating Proxy Pain

Having just finished an enormous pile of marking, but not having enough time to get on with something more substantial I thought I'd work out (again) how to use LWP::UserAgent and WWW::Mechanize behind an authenticating proxy.

Sometimes you're lucky and a proxy url of the form

will work nicely. No such luck for the proxy I usually use.

Anyway, here's the way to use LWP::UserAgent behind an authenticating proxy:

use LWP::UserAgent;

Perl Survey - Initial data analysis and presentation

Thanks to Stuttgart.pm I presented the initial results from the Perl Survey at German Perl Workshop last week. Unfortunately due to a combination of jet-lag (after a 36 hour journey) and stupidity, I didn't record the talk.

There appears to be some very good news in that people use and are enthusiastic about new versions of perl, and the cutting edge perl modules like Moose, Catalyst, DBIx::Class and so on.

Most of the analysis and graphs were done with R, a little Perl, and unfortunately for the CPAN and programming languages questi…

The Perl Survey is Closed

The Perl Survey 2010 is now closed. A quick preliminary look at the data set indicates that of the 4847 responses, 3256 were complete responses (by looking at who answered the final question). I'm on my way to German Perl Workshop tomorrow, and as I'm coming from Australia, it's going to take me over 24 hours to get there I'll have plenty of time to prepare the data and get a preliminary analysis going during that time.

Most importantly I'll be able to release the (lightly processed) raw data for you by that time as well.

Perl Survey - Final Days - Please Alert any Stragglers

Thanks to all for the wonderful response rate. At this point we're a little over the 3,000 mark. I'm going to close the survey down at 7:00 am UTC on Thursday the 3rd of June, so if there are people you think still need to answer the survey, please point them at http://survey.perlfoundation.org.

I'll process the data file to make it useful over the weekend, and have a preliminary report ready early next week.

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