Perl Survey - Final Days - Please Alert any Stragglers

Thanks to all for the wonderful response rate. At this point we're a little over the 3,000 mark. I'm going to close the survey down at 7:00 am UTC on Thursday the 3rd of June, so if there are people you think still need to answer the survey, please point them at

I'll process the data file to make it useful over the weekend, and have a preliminary report ready early next week.


For what it is worth, when I ran the mod_perl survey with Adam Prime, we spent a couple of months getting the word out. It might be worth holding it open another couple of weeks to get the stragglers who represent a large demographic of perl programmers but aren't plugged into blogs, pm groups, etc. I've forwarded the link to my PM group, the mod_perl list, and have posted it a few other places.

I had a couple people from the mod_perl list email saying they just missed it, so if you open it up again for another round please give a shout.

Nice number of responses, great work there.

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