Perl Survey - Initial data analysis and presentation

Thanks to I presented the initial results from the Perl Survey at German Perl Workshop last week. Unfortunately due to a combination of jet-lag (after a 36 hour journey) and stupidity, I didn't record the talk.

There appears to be some very good news in that people use and are enthusiastic about new versions of perl, and the cutting edge perl modules like Moose, Catalyst, DBIx::Class and so on.

Most of the analysis and graphs were done with R, a little Perl, and unfortunately for the CPAN and programming languages questions I had to result to a mix of Perl and manual munging with a spreadsheet.

The survey has generated a very large amount of information, and now that I've got an initial cut of the data analysis, I'll be writing a formal report, and investigating any interesting patterns I find on the way.

All the data is available github. The presentation slides are available from here (sorry about the small font size in some of the legends).


Great work :)

If you sum "sh", "bash" and "shell", gives about 22%, and goes over php and python :-)

All the data is available on github.

Where is source of this survey? And if not source, where I can find all questions that were asked: Data-PerlSurvey-2010/data/question_labels.csv does not include questions about countries, for example.

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