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Oops Hiatus

I have done very little to the Perl Survey since I got back from Germany. However, finally I've decided how to format and present the report. Mostly with the help of R2HTML and Makefile.

Now that I've worked out how to write the report in a reasonably replicable way (i.e. minimum code differences between revisions of the survey - so running and analysing the 2012 survey should be much much quicker and easier), I should be able to get through a section every day betwe…

Unicode abuse

I was looking at doing a little bit of political activism on twitter, and as part of this, though about maximising the amount of information in each tweet a la Tweet Compressor which is an abuse of unicode to increase the 140 character (not byte!) limit for tweets.

Here's the implementation:

use utf8;
sub tweet_compress {
my $tweet = shift;
$tweet =~ s/\. ?$//; # we don't need no end of sentence punctuation
my @orig = ( qw/cc ms ns ps in ls fi fl ffl ffi iv ix vi oy i…

Super easy editable html pages.

As part of an ongoing project to improve the woeful state of Qualitative data analysis software, I've already put together some tools to meet my needs. The tools are very much at the prototype stage, and will remain so for the foreseeable future, but I'm using them to prepare publishable work.

For the data management end of things I use a super-simple SGM…

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