Telling you about my not-yet-acute-enough itches.

This was going to be a reply to cyocum, but I've promoted it to a full post in its own right.

Given my desire to eliminate Microsoft Word from my life as much as possible, pandoc the round trip markdown to pretty much any other markup format parser written in haskell is of great interest to me. However, I haven't got around to using it with citeproc-hs, the haskell implementation for for the emerging standard Citation Style Language, due to lack of comprehensive enough documentation - and the itch isn't strong enough for me to scratch it yet, and likely won't be for the next eighteen months or so.

Here are two further related itches that are also not going to be scratched by me in the near future:

  • A round trip arbitrary-markup-formatter in perl like pandoc is for haskell.
  • Possibly of interest to the bioperl guys would be perl bindings for the emerging standard Citation Style Language

Just putting it out there in case anyone else is feeling itchy ;)

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Yes, I am feeling itchy myself. I would love to get my Word translation down to a simple program.

I will see what I can do once I have another article that needs translation to out the door. As I do most things in XeLaTeX, it only comes down to the problem of when others need to see my text.

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