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The alternative title for this post would be Best Holiday Ever where I got to show my family some of the parts of Indonesia I visited as a child, and where we got to visit a hotel in a national park in Borneo in which my family has a business interest. In case you think this is a shameless plug, the vast majority of the income generated by the hotel goes back to the local people -- the investors are facilitators, for whom there may be a long term return.

Anyway, the point of my post was that the organisers of German Perl Workshop were good enough to invite me to talk to them earlier this year, and at that time I obtained one of the wooden round tuits being distributed by The Perl Foundation. As a part of our trip to Borneo, we had to take some anti-malarial drugs. My wife and I had to take a whole tablet each. My daughter 3/4 of a tablet, and my son, 1/2. This meant some chopping up. Well TPF's mini-chopping board came in handy:


A nice portable mini-chopping borard, which with my habit of shaving with a disposable razor meant that I could prepare medication daily for the two weeks that we needed it with the minimal risk of lascerating myself. Big thanks to The Perl Foundation for helping me keep my programming fingers :)

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