Zotero/Perl integration

Zotero is in my opinion the best solution to citation management available. It's a firefox/xulrunner based solution for collecting and maintaining bibliographic data and it's associated full text. Zotero has a cloud based API but also an internal (largely undocumented) Javascript API. I find the JS API much more interesting than the cloud API due to having total control over my data (and works offline etc etc...).

Two frustrations I've had with a lack of good alternative to the msword integration code, and problems with interacting with the internals of a running firefox/xulrunner. I finally cracked open mozrepl, and the cpan module MozRepl and prototyped a bidirectional bridge between Zotero and perl.

The code is here, and should be a useful start for anyone who wants to do any bibliographic data mangling in perl. I'm not going to publish it to CPAN until I work out how to test it properly.


Fantastic! I let all my bibliography software lapse years ago, but I'd be all over this if I wasn't doing other work.

I used Zotero when I did my last degree and recommend it highly. Especially for storing not only citations, but PDFs of the papers. Really nice for multiple computers: put it together at home, pull it up for advisor at school, then again in lab for coding. Export to BibTeX as needed.

Regarding using Pandoc Markdown + BibTeX for papers, have you seen Jakob Voss' makedoc?

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