London Perl Workshop 2009

So I finally managed to attend a Perl workshop over the weekend and it was awesome! I saw some excellent talks and even got a goddie bag ... I was not expecting that. Some personal highlights:

Most entertaining talk
For me it was Piers Crawleys lightening talk/song "don't care how you young people talk to one another but don't take that tone with your mother". Can I have the lyrics please ;)

Most useful/relevant talk
Plack/PSGI by Miyagawa. It's great to see that folk much smarter than myself are solving issues that directly influence my work. More of stuff like this and I won't be forced to use Ruby any time soon ;)

Most "what the hell was he on about" talk
Definitely Matt Trout's BEGINing Perl talk. Something about compilation units, Moose, antlers, Damian Conway, black magic, e.t.c. I understood about 30% of that ... about 20% more than I anticipated ;)

I left with a satisfying feeling that I am somewhat better than I give myself credit for (mostly because I understood any of Matt Trout's talk). I missed most of the conference including the trip to the pub and did not socialize as much as I would have liked. Perhaps in my next conference I'll be more friendly :)

All in all a great experience that I would recommend to any one!


Thank you.

I'm afraid I won't be publishing the lyrics. The tune, and first couple of verses are from Peter and Lou Berryman's 'A Chat With Your Mother', which should be enough for Google. For the rest, what happens in the lightning talk stays in the lightning talk.

A small niggle: it's "Cawley", not "Crawley", but you are definitely not alone in your misspelling.

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