Dancer 0.200003 Released

Dancer 0.200003 is on its way to a CPAN mirror near you. I'd like to give a big shout out to the rest of the Dancer core team and our awesome community members for their work in bringing this release to fruition.

There are several changes in particular worth noting:

- There is a security fix for Dancer2::Session::YAML that prevents accepting a bad session cookie value from the client. Thanks SysPete!

- There was a swift response to the breakage caused by YAML 1.16. Originally, we patched Dancer2 to require a minimum version of 0.86 and a maximum version of 1.15. Thankfully, YAML was patched and updated, and Dancer2 will again work with the latest

For your convenience, here's the full changelog:

* PR #1198: Session::YAML should not accept bad session
cookie value from client (Peter Mottram)
* Require minimum version of YAML of 0.86 (to satisfy
GH #899) and a maximum version of YAML 1.15. YAML
1.16 causes test failures as reported by CPAN Testers.
* Remove session test data from builds. (Peter Mottram)

* Require minimum version of ExtUtils::MakeMaker of
7.1101 to support a range of prereq version numbers
(rjbs, Jason Crome, Sawyer X)
* GH #1188: Add error message to open_file (exercism-1)
* Support showing private variables in templates under
Template::Toolkit. (Alberto Simões)

* GH #1193: Spelling correction (Gregor Herrmann)
* Fix typo of config option in Pod. (Nuno Carvalho)
* Fix POD syntax error. (Nuno Carvalho)
* Fix Manual error. (James E Keenan)
* Move documentation index to dancer2. (Alan Berndt)
* GH #1209: Clean up examples for 'set views' and
'set public_dir' in Dancer2::Manual (James E

Happy Dancing!

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