Dancer2 0.205001 improves documentation and internals

The Dancer Core team has just released Dancer2 0.205001. This release primarily fixes some documentation issues with a couple of notable exceptions:

  • If HTTP::XSCookies is installed, Dancer2 will check at install time to see if the correct version is installed (Peter Mottram)

  • Dancer2 is now tested by Travis CI on Perl versions 5.22, 5.24, and 5.26, as well as Appveyor (Dave Jacoby)

  • All reference checking under the hood is handled by Ref::Util (Mickey Nasriachi)

We have several new contributors this release. Thanks to Dave Jacoby, Abdullah Diab, Glenn Fowler, and Jonathan Cast for your first patches to Dancer2!

The full changelog follows:

0.205001  2017-07-11 08:03:21-05:00 America/Chicago

* GH #1332: Add check for old version of HTTP::XSCookies (Peter Mottram -
* GH #1336: Fix warnings on 5.10 and below. (Sawyer X)
* GH #1347: Add Perl versions 5.22-5.26 and appveyor to Travis-CI
  configuration (Dave Jacoby)

* GH #1281: Use Ref::Util in Core for all reference checks (Mickey 
* GH #1338: Add message explaining how to run newly-created application
  (Jonathan Cast)

* GH #1334: Fix prefix example in Cookbook (Abdullah Diab)
* GH #1335: Add missing word in request->host docs (Glenn Fowler)
* GH #1337: Fix link in SEE ALSO section of Dancer2::Core::Types (Stefan
  Hornburg - Racke)
* GH #1341: Clarify plugin documentation (Stefan Hornburg - Racke)
* GH #1345, #1351, #1356: Fix password check code example in tutorial
  (Jonathan Cast)
* GH #1355: Fix typo (Gregor Herrmann)

You can find us on at #dancer or the mailing list with any questions. Should you find any problems, please report them on Github.

Happy Dancing! Jason A. Crome / CromeDome

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