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New Dancer::Plugin::reCAPTCHA released

After a long, long time, Dancer::Plugin::reCAPTCHA has been updated. Most important in this release is that it now supports reCAPTCHA v2. Earlier versions only supported the v1 API, which is no longer usable. This required some minor changes to the module's API. Please see the POD for details.

Thanks to Shawn Sorichetti and Mohammad S Anwar for their contributions, without which this release would not have been.

These days, I have been using other means for fooling bots (which in part explains why this has taken so long to update). I will try to cover this in a future blog pos…

Dancer2::Session::CHI released

I added a new session storage backend for Dancer2 today. Dancer2::Session::CHI is on its way to your local CPAN mirror. If you are currently using CHI in your Dancer2 applications, this will let you use CHI as your backing datastore for storage data. Please see the pod for details.

Contact me with any issues you may have, or file them on the github bugtracker.

Thanks! Happy Dancing!

2018 Dancer Advent Calendar

On behalf of the Dancer Core Team, I am trying to get a 2018 Dancer Advent Calendar organized, and we would like your help and input!

How can you help? It's simple! Are there articles covering some specific area of Dancer or its ecosystem that you would like to know more about? Just reply and let us know what you would like to see.

Do you want to write an article for the advent calendar? Tell us your Dancer success stories, all about a plugin you authored, how your migration from D1 to D2 went... the sky is the limit.

If you have any ideas, please submit them soon to g…

Dancer2::Logger::Log4perl released

We’ve been missing a Log4perl plugin for Dancer2 for, well, forever, and this weekend I have released Dancer2::Logger::Log4perl.

This was originally developed by Ryan Larscheidt and Jon Miner at the University of Wisconsin. I have added a minimal test, a little pod, and wrapped a release around it. The rest of this is their work, and I cannot thank them enough for making this happen. Special thanks goes out to Mohammad S Anwar for finding some omissions from my original release earlier this weekend.

There are more tests needed still, but I wanted to get this out in the wild …

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