Dancer2 0.300004 Released

The Dancer Core Team would like to announce the availability of Dancer2 0.300004. This release brings several important fixes and enhancements:

  • Session cookies can be restricted to a first-party or same-site context

  • There were a number of spots where Dancer2 would return a 500 error upon receiving an invalid request, rather than (correctly) returning 400 - Bad Request. Many, if not all, of these have been fixed.

For more information about same-site context, please refer to RFC-6265bis.

To use this, add the cookie_same_site key to your session engine configuration in the appropriate YAML file. Valid settings include Strict, Lax, and None.

The complete changelog is as follows: 0.300004 2020-05-26 20:52:34-04:00 America/New_York

* GH #1509: Request instantiation fails throw 400 Bad Response (Russell
  @veryrusty Jenkins). This resolves GH #1056, 1482, 1496, 1507, 1508,
  and 1510.

* GH #1510: Test for proper multi-part form handing (ice-lenor, Sawyer X)
* GH #1547: Cookie SameSite support (Russell @veryrusty Jenkins)

* None

Thanks for your pull requests and bug reports. We really appreciate the help we receive from our community!

Until next time, keep on Dancing!


Really appreciate the quality of this summary.

Thanks for the update. I participated in the latest poll.

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