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I've been lurking on the various ARM Linux boards for a while, so when I saw a hackable ARM appliance for $40, I grabbed it.

Honestly, setting up (Arch) Linux on it was the easiest Linux setup ever. [By cracky, back in my day we didn't even have ZEROS in our binary!] After installing a few Perl packages from the PlugApps repo, I decided, "Why not try to kill this wee Linux box and its THUMBDRIVE filesystem with PostgreSQL and some heavy DBI action?!" Surprisingly, it'd actually probably be usable as a tiny PostgreSQL server. The L'ane test suite, which takes about three-ish minutes on my Core i5 Thinkpad took just under nine minutes on this tiny, silent, USB-DRIVEN box. While a third of the speed might sound like a deal-breaker, the test suite really hits the database with bulk data loads that aren't realistic under normal use. I'll have to whip out my minimum-wage-worker-simulator to see if this (did I mention it's pink?) lil' box can actually hold up to a "real" workload.

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pogoplug is 40$?

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