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Bringing Perl5 to GitHub

Even though Git sometimes gives me heartburn, I'm a huge fan of GitHub. The fork & pull workflow makes it sooo easy (and fun) to contribute to other projects. And as a project owner, it is very easy for me to manage incoming contributions. My absolute favorite feature is the discussions that are inline with the code. To me, that is much more natural than talking about code in a separate mailing list.

So I started thinking...what if Perl5 was developed on GitHub[1]?

Moving a large and mature project like Perl5 to a new set of tools and wor…

On Perl Names And Numbers

This was originally posted in response to this discussion on the p5-porters mailing list and similar discussions on blogs.perl.org. I am also reposting it here.

I started cooking a big editorial essay in my head, but I'm just going to try and boil it down…

So long as a fixed number ("5" in this case) is *prominently* attached to Perl, it will be seen as stuck. Specifically, it is stuck behind that thing called "Perl6".

You may understand the distinction between "Perl" …

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