A New CPAN Mirror Is Born

As part of my work on Stratopan, I've setup a spankin' new CPAN mirror located at http://cpan.stratopan.com. It is an "instant mirror", so it should get new releases almost immediately after they ship to PAUSE. It also has everything from BackPAN too.

Other than that, it's not anything special. It's a mid-sized Linode server located in Texas with 8000 gigabytes/month of traffic. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling from hosting a CPAN mirror. It makes me feel like a more useful part of the community.

Feel free to point cpanm or pinto at http://cpan.stratopan.com. We'll see if my hosting bill goes through the roof :)


You might wanna add something like this so the index.html isn't required:

   mount '/' => sub {
      state $app = Plack::App::File->new(root => ".")->to_app;
      return [301, [ 'Content-Type' => 'text/html', Location => '/index.htm' ], [ 'incorrect!' ] ]
         if $_[0]->{PATH_INFO} eq '/';

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