Pinto Jam Sessions On IRC This Thursday

I'm on IRC just about all the time (my handle is "thaljef"). But I thought it might be interesting to actually schedule a session and invite people to come in and ask questions about Pinto, suggest a feature, report a bug, or just say "Hi".

So there will be two one-hour jam sessions in the #pinto channel on this Thursday, May 2. The first will at 14:00 and the second will be at 18:00 (all times GMT). If you haven't used IRC before, this is an excellent guide.

Hope to see you all then!

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You'll be getting up early that day since you're on the West Coast. I'm in -0500, so that's 0900 and 1300 for me, which I can do. I'm not much for IRC for day to day stuff, but I like the idea of "Jam Sessions".

I'm not an IRC sort of person. Is there a way to see the conversation in a web page without using an IRC client? Some people might want to follow along without speaking up, and a transcript for people to review later (or before the second session) might be nice.

I'm using Colloquy on Mac OS X, and it's simple enough to connect to and join #pinto that I don't have to read through that Wikipedia page. :)

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