There Is Some Cash Up For Grabs

Last night, I went shopping for a service to monitor servers and API performance. So I looked at New Relic, AppDynamics, and a few others. From what I saw, none of them supported Perl.

That seems like a golden opportunity to me. Those companies are making some serious money (New Relic is likely to do an IPO this year). I think an enterprising Perl developer could get a piece of that pie.

If you put together the right hooks to support one of their monitoring agents from Perl, I am certain those companies would be happy to license you work from you. Or at least offer you a good job.

Individually, those companies may not feel the Perl market is worth the effort, or perhaps they just can't find the expertise to support Perl (good Perl devs are not easy to find). But if you find a way to leverage code across all those companies, then I think you would be sitting pretty.

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I've been thinking about this lately. If enough customers and potential customers wanted it, they'd provide it. But, with little competition, they don't really have to do anything. Does it matter if there is a language-agnostic webby API and there isn't a supported Perl interface to it specifically (instead of using SOAP::* directly, for example)?

What are people using that has a Perl interface? Are you using that interface because you like Perl, it's the one they force on you, or something else?

I wonder if there's a big difference over free and paid services.

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