Announcing Pinto-0.087

announcement.pngA new version of Pinto has been released. Pinto is an application for managing Perl modules. It solves "the CPAN problem" by creating custom repositories of Perl modules that can be used with the standard Perl tool chain. When you build your application from your Pinto repository, you get exactly the right versions of the modules you want, every time.

This release contains a few small enhancements and bug fixes, but no major changes. It is compatible with any repository you created since version 0.066. The most notable addition is Pinto::Manual::Thanks which lists all the names of everyone who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign for Pinto. The pinto command also has a related Easter egg -- see if you can find it ;-)

The features promised for the crowdfunding campaign are currently under development. I should have an update on that early next month.

Announcement designed by Olivier Guin from The Noun Project

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