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Pinto Road Show: Silicon Valley

The road show continues! This time, I will be presenting Pinto at the Silicon Valley Perl Mongers meetup this Thursday, October 3. So come out and learn how a private CPAN made with Pinto can save you from hours of needless debugging AND make you more productive with Perl. Full details at the Meetup link below:

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Docs For Modules In Your Pinto Repository

A couple weeks ago, Andy Gorman sent a patch for a new Pinto command that displays the perldoc for any module in the repository. I thought this was a great idea, but we weren't quite sure about the design. So for now, it is available on CPAN in a separate distribution called Pinto-Action-Doc. Once the kinks have been worked out, I hope to have something like this in the Pinto core.

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