Announcing Perl-Critic-1.121 With CERT Themes

The next version of Perl::Critic has been shipped to CPAN and it includes built-in themes tied to the CERT guidelines for secure coding. CERT divides their guidelines into "rules" and "recommendations". You can activate the Perl::Critic policies that CERT suggests like this:

# Apply all "rules"
perlcritic --theme certrule

# Apply all "recomendations"
perlcritic --theme certrec

# Apply both
perlcritic --theme 'certrule || certrec'

These are not new policies -- we've just classified the existing policies that overlap with CERT's guidelines. Perl::Critic does not cover all the CERT guidelines, so I suggest visiting their site to see more ways to improve the security of your code.

Thanks to Kirk Kimmel for making this happen!

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