Back in the #!perl groove ...

I've taken a lot of time off from the work force (and even more from the community). I have been occupying my time with pursuing other ventures (my other brand), but now I find myself actively desiring to write code.

So i began by refreshing and slightly expanding the "jeffa/unlocalhost" brand and ensuring all was available and secured. Next I grabbed the small amount of old code from my CPAN repository and rebuilt each distribution using Module::Starter. Not only did i upload each distribution to github, i also set up Jenkins on my server and set up a job for each one. Each Jenkins job clones a read-only copy, builds the make file, runs the tests (and creates JUnit output for Jenkins) and builds a tardist upon success.

Awesome. Not a bad first step if i do say so myself. And in the process of setting this up i was already able to correct some Pod::Coverage infractions. Next step will be to write proper tests for each of these distros but i am not going to spend too much more time on them. If others wish to fix bugs or otherwise enhance the code they now have a much cooler way to submit patches.

Bigger fish to fry ahead ... >:)


While I won't tell you to run your own Jenkins server, do you know about Travis-CI? It is free and integrated with github.

Of course I meant "While I won't tell you NOT to run your own Jenkins server ..." but it seems that you understood what I meant. Cheers.

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