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High-level HTML Parsing

is a high-level HTML parser, built on top of the very high-quality HTML::Parser module. Why bother with high-level parsing, especially if it means layering one parser on top of another?

Here is an example, taken from the main document for HTML::Parser. The example prints out the title of an HTML document. To do this, HTML::Parser uses handlers …

An HTML Pretty-printer

It's nice to get a big project to the point where it produces something which is actually useful. I'm pleased to announce html_fmt, an HTML pretty printer that's part of the Marpa::HTML…

Opera 2.0

Open development seems to be percolating into the arts. A friend of mine, MG Lord, is on a team They (MG, her co-librettist Shannon Halwes, and composer Laura Karpman) are putting 110 on the Web one aria/overture/intermezzo at a time, as they workshop it. In effect, they're blogging the opera.

Their most recent release is the powerful aria "The Velocity of Escape". A special advantage …

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