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Changes to The Way Marpa Orders Parse Results

You are using the Constant Ranking Method if you specify the "ranking_method" named argument of a Marpa recognizer, with the value "constant". If you're not using the Constant Ranking Method, you can stop reading here.

Marpa::XS 0.008000 is the last release that will support the Constant Ranking Method. In future releases of Marpa, Marpa::PP, and Marpa::XS, the Constant Ranking Method may be removed. At a minimum, it will behave differently at the interface level.

Marpa is alpha but previously, whenever I've changed t…

Announcing Marpa::XS 0.8.0

Marpa::XS 0.008000. With this release the core Marpa algorithm has been converted to C, vastly speeding it up. Marpa::XS is still alpha, but the additional development needed at this point is a matter of packaging (See Note 1).

It is my hope that Marpa will become the standard parsing algorithm for problems too big for regular expressions.

  • Marpa parses all classes of grammar that are currently in practical use in linear time. (See Note 2).
  • Marpa is a general…

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