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Perl and Parsing 9: "Use" and the Ruby Slippers

Perl 5 parses its use statement. The use statement is implemented with what I have named "Ruby Slippers" parsing. The idea is that you parse with a convenient grammar, but one which is too simple to actually describe the language you are parsing. For example, if you are parsing HTML, the grammar might assume all start tags have end tags.

Whenever the simplified grammar has trouble parsing, t…

Announcing Marpa::XS 0.010000

Marpa::XS 0.010000. The core Marpa algorithm had already been converted to C, speeding it up considerably. Marpa::XS 0.010000 cleans up a lot of code left over from development, further speeding things up.

What is Marpa?

Marpa is an advance over recursive descent and yacc. I hope the Marpa algorithm will become the standard parser for problems too big for regular expressions.

About Jeffrey Kegler

user-pic I blog about Perl, with a focus on parsing and Marpa, my parsing algorithm based on Jay Earley's.