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What's new with Marpa

Here's the Marpa "news" from the past few weeks. To learn more, check out its web page.)

Revision to the Theory paper

Most of my effort over the past weeks has gone into a paper on the math behind Marpa. I have just uploaded a revised version. I've fixed several typos, including a few nasty ones, for which I apologize. I've also improved the typography and smoothed out the presentation in man…

A Marpa paper

a late stage draft of a Theory of Computation paper on Marpa to github. The paper contains pseudocode, a correctness proof, and proofs of my complexity claims. (Marpa, for those unfamiliar, is a new, powerful and fast parser and parsing algorithm. To learn more, check out its web page.)

Progress in software follows two avenues -- implementation (aka "running code") and theory. With Marpa, it was my intention to pursue both. This is not…

About Jeffrey Kegler

user-pic I blog about Perl, with a focus on parsing and Marpa, my parsing algorithm based on Jay Earley's.