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Rudy Rucker and Kurt Goedel

My major interest is in parsing theory. according to Google Analytics, most of my web hits are for a side interest. A few years ago I discovered the Lost Morgenstern Document, an account of Kurt Gödel's citizenship hearing which had gone missing for so long there was doubt it had ever existed. Einstein was at the hearing and Einstein's fame, plus the fact it's a good yarn, make the Lost Morgenstern Document a matter of fairly wide interest.

This post is about another Gödel document which recently surfaced. This document …

Prefixing the Ruby Slippers, and the Bigfoot Maneuver

Glinda cover my last post I talked about partial parsing of Perl using my new parsing algorithm, Marpa…

Partial parsing and error reporting

as being a crucial stepping stone to fully solving the problem." -- Terence Tao

Once an error is found, a traditional parser is pretty much lost. This is true for even state of the art compilers and interpreters. One small typo results in many screens of useless diagnostics. If you're an old hand, you scroll back over these, knowing that, for the better quality compilers, t…

Two new interfaces to Marpa

and the only thing that limits what you can do are the capabilities of the machine -- and, more and more often they days, your own abiliites" Linus Torvalds, Just For Fun, p. 74

As of Marpa::R2 2.010000, Marpa has two new, documented, interfaces. (For those new to this blog, Marpa is something new in parsing -- it parses anything you can write in BNF and, if your grammar is in one of the classes currently in pr…

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